In the mind of the curious observer

By Débora Tejera | Learn mindfulness

Can you imagine being able to live without expectations? Making your own decisions with freedom, without waiting for a particular result; giving without expecting something in return; moving ahead with confidence, rather than waiting for the conditions to be “perfect” or being dependent on other people’s decisions…

It takes a deep commitment to oneself and a lot of courage to stay in that position, to relate to ourselves and to others from that place of simplicity, openness and kindness…

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Want to feel less anxious? Go with the flow!

By Dominic Fenn | Learn mindfulness

It’s natural to feel a little anxious from time to time. That’s part of what makes us human – along with a need for oxygen and our tendency to get a bit stinky if we don’t take a bath.

The stresses of the modern world, though, often create an unhealthy level of anxiety – one that can seriously harm our enjoyment of life and even damage our bodies…

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