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Want to start practising mindfulness?

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If you’d like to try mindfulness, but you aren’t quite sure what to do, our 7-day mindfulness challenge is the perfect place to start.

This 90-minute video course is presented by Débora Tejera, a licensed psychologist and certified consultant in Transpersonal Mindfulness. Over the next 7 days, she’ll introduce you to some of the main ideas in this life-changing philosophy, and she’ll show you exactly how to start practising it.

7-day mindfulness challenge


Here are some of the things you’ll learn how to do...

  • Get more fulfilment from the simple tasks that you already do each day
  • Reduce your level of stress in almost any situation
  • Develop your awareness by practising mindfulness meditation
  • Calm your mind by making greater use of all your senses
  • Deactivate automatic behaviours
  • Experience your emotions without being a slave to them
  • Become more creative by changing the way you think.


We've temporarily taken our free mindfulness course offline while we prepare an updated version with better production quality.

If you speak Spanish, feel free to sign up for the Spanish-language version here.

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